Letters to Lawmakers

CCI Writes to Inform Governor of Coalition

The Coalition for Critical Infrastructure (CCI) has been formed to help maintain Texas’ positive business climate and quality of life by addressing our growing need for roads and highways; oil, natural gas and water pipelines; electric transmission and distribution lines; drainage and flood control; and other important infrastructure projects. CCI includes both public and private entities that help make Texas the 10th largest economy in the world, care about the future of Texas, and are dedicated to the state’s ability to grow and prosper. Read more

Diverse Coalition of Public and Private Entities Join Together in Opposition to SB 421

Over 30 organizations representing industries that employ millions of Texans and benefit the daily lives of everyone in the state have joined together in opposition to SB 421, being considered today in the Senate State Affairs Committee. SB 421 proposes burdensome and unnecessary new regulations that will impede economic expansion, restrict job growth and incentivize litigation. Read more

CCI Letter Opposing CSSB 421

After providing substantive comments on S.B. 421 at the Senate State Affairs Committee last week and offering revisions that we believe make the bill more workable, we are dismayed that the committee substitute which passed out of committee exacerbates some of the problems we had identified with the original bill. Read more

AECT Letter Opposing CSSB 421

Yesterday, the Senate Committee on State Affairs passed a Committee Substitute to SB 421, which had been heard the previous week. Over 50 entities testified on the bill, including the Association of Electric Companies of Texas (AECT). Read more

TXOGA TPA Joint Letter Opposing CSSB 421

The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs passed CSSB 421 in a hearing early Monday morning, March 11, 2019. The Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), the Texas Pipeline Association (TPA), and many important stakeholders were not provided a copy of the CSSB by the bill author or the committee chair before the CSSB was laid out and passed. Read more

Chambers of Commerce Joint Letter Opposing SB 421

On behalf of the several of the largest chambers of commerce in Texas, we want to share our opposition to Senate Bill 421 as filed. On March 4, the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee held a public hearing on Senate Bill 421, which would fundamentally alter the eminent domain process in Texas in a manner that would cripple the ability to expand essential services to Texans. Read more

CCI Writes to Legislators Setting Record Straight Regarding Misleading and Inaccurate Reports on SB 421

In response to several misleading and inaccurate media reports and communications regarding the failure of eminent domain legislation (SB 421) during the 86th Texas Legislative Session, the Coalition for Critical Infrastructure (CCI) sent a letter to all members of the Texas Legislature to set the record straight. Read more